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Caugherty Hahn Communications, Inc. (CHC), an independent public relations agency with more than 25 years experience, helps companies sell products, build brand awareness, survive crises and motivate stake-holders to action. Our award-winning campaigns provide businesses and non-profit organizations with superior public relations counsel and execution in every campaign we undertake.

CHC's campaigns consistently generate solid results.

CHC works to inform, educate and motivate constituencies and stakeholders with strategically crafted communications. We are watchdogs who monitor issues that may impact our clients' business, and offer sound counsel to meet business demands.

  • Corporate Communications campaigns inform internal and external audiences. CHC positions companies among their industry audiences, business leaders, the media and the public. We counsel clients on challenging business environments such as reduction in force (RIFs) as well as during boom times. Case Studies: 1 - 2
  • Community Relations campaigns strengthen corporate reputation…of local audiences, from elected officials, area businesses, community organizations, nonprofits, the media, the public, and most importantly, current and prospective employees. Case Studies: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
  • Crisis Communications requires many talents, most especially clear thinking and experienced counsel. No matter the extent of the brewing or active crisis, CHC's professionals have the capabilities and experience to meet existing or potential demands. Since the best time to plan for a crisis is when you aren't in a crisis, CHC works with clients to prepare in advance for the possibility of an event. Case Study
    Crossings Cover New Product/New Company Launches require effective handling and aggressive media relations skills. Launches and introductions typically include multiple levels of activity to gain broad, immediate exposure and attention. We focus on our client's targeted audiences and aggressively build brand awareness through many channels, including new media. Case Studies: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
    Media Relations campaigns move national and regional business, consumer, and trade media to highlight our clients' products and services. Resulting measurable results from CHC campaigns inform business and consumer audiences and motivates them to view Web sites, place orders and request information. CHC places clients on national and local media outlets.
  • Communication Audits are a significant tool to aid organization growth strategies. CHC takes a five-stage approach to analyze current communications programs and outlines where improvement and enhancements will benefit the business. Case Studies: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
  • Investor/Financial Relations provides expert counsel to position companies from pre-IPO stage through post-offerings as well as handle internal and external communication surrounding acquisitions and divestitures. We shepherd businesses through the maze of SEC communications requirements, and build relationships among financial and business media and analysts.

  • Roses

    CHC was charged with building
    awareness of Spring Hill Nurseries'
    roses among gardeners nationwide

Caugherty Hahn Communications, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to meet and discuss your specific business challenges and opportunities. You can reach us at 201-251-7778, or send an email to

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LIVE FROM NEMOA: THE IMPORTANCE OF PR. Imagine you're a toy cataloger having problems with your distribution center software during the holiday season. Imagine that a number of your orders aren't being shipped -- and thanks to the software snafus, you can't ascertain which orders those are. Now imagine that it's two days before Christmas, and one of the customers who hasn't received her order is a television producer in New York, who has called every local media outlet she knows — and being a producer, she knows a lot of them — to tell them about the problem. What do you do?

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