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CHC assists Boyds Mills Press with promotion of special children's books
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Celebrating 50 Years of Highlights for Children and Children's Book Promotions

CHC designed and implemented a campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Highlights for Children, the highly regarded children's magazine.

To capture the hearts, minds and attention of the media, a hidden picture illustrated the press kit folder. The nostalgia generated cut through the clutter on editors' desks and snagged interviews.

CHC successfully booked the magazine's Editor-in-Chief on a 24-city media tour. In the first six months, more than 130 interviews were arranged including an hour-long appearance on National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation," Bloomberg Information Television and Radio, CBS Radio Network News, and America's Talking cable TV network. The NPR appearance alone resulted in more than 1,200 calls to the magazine.

CHC continues to assist Highlights for Children's subsidiary Boyds Mills Press, by promoting special children's books, including The Starry Night and Dinosaur Worlds, along with author visits to schools and bookstores.

Interviews were arranged with leading newspapers in the New York Metropolitan area, all-news/talk radio and local television stations.

According to Kent Brown, Editor, Highlights for Children and Publisher, Boyds Mills Press: "As a 55-year-old company, we have learned to concentrate on results and the companies that generate results."

"We are delighted with the results CHC has achieved for Highlights for Children and our children's trade book division, Boyds Mills Press. Our public trust is our most important asset, and we are pleased that CHC could grow and maintain that image."

"CHC immediately understood who we are, what we do, and how we are different from other companies. This understanding of our unique philosophy lead to the very successful 50th anniversary celebration and the development and implementation of a number of projects for Boyds Mills Press."

"That versatility keeps us coming back to Caugherty Hahn Communications," said Brown.

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