Media Relations - 15 Tips for success

1. Don't be intimidated.
2. Be prepared for the worst possible questions.
3. Media have their story objective. If your organization doesn't fit, say so.
4. Speed counts.
5. The purpose of being interviewed is not to answer questions.
6. "I don't know" gains respect.
7. Defend your company if you are on solid ground.
8. Look for the news hook.
9. Always have alternate story angles to pitch.
10. Offer visuals.
11. Provide complete, interesting captions to get more space.
12. Use "Photo courtesy of"
13. Thank reporters after a story appears.
14. Break news into multiple stories to garner additional, repeat coverage.
15. Post your news on your Web site, and highlight "as seen on..."

Looking for good story hooks? Let us know!

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