Kermit the Frog was Right!

Shared Insights from NEMOA Fall Conference Help

Kermit the Frog wasn't kidding when he exclaimed, "It's not easy being green." But speakers and attendees at the NEMOA Fall Conference shared case studies on how their companies are tackling this important issue.

Margot Murphy Moore, president of 1-800-Homeopathy and president of NEMOA, opened the conference saying, "The green movement is gaining momentum." John Rogers of The Orvis Company, Inc. followed saying, "Tough (economic) times are out there. A bigger correction is brewing if we don't wake up and pay attention."
If attendees didn't get the point, Steve Voigt of King Arthur Flour said in his presentation, "Going Green Without Going Broke," "Green isn't a fad. It's a trend."

Granted, some featured speakers hailed from mega giants such as L.L. Bean ($1.8 billion sales), and The Timberline Company have deep pockets and thus more able to adapt quicker than some, it's important to highlight steps they and more modest businesses have taken to green their business and positively impact their bottom line.

Ken Crites of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters cautioned, "Business models enables the green effort. Green isn't going to save a bad business model."

Being direct marketers, companies will jump on the green wagon when they set and achieve tangible results.

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