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Mobile Journalism Hottest Trend

A new trend taking hold in many newspapers around the country is posting video news content on the paper's Web site. Papers are outfitting their reporters to capture words, digital images, and now digital footagefor posting on the media outlet's Web sites. What impact will Mojos--mobile journalists--have on how companies are reported?

Background: The Record in New Jersey recently announced a revamped Web site ( and the corporation's push to communicate breaking news online to readers via word, still and digital footage. Pete Casillas, VP for Classified Advertising and Interactive Media, North Jersey Media Group said, "This allows us to make video a real big part in how we tell stories moving forward. It will be the cornerstone to our mobile journalism initiative. It allows us to produce content from anywhere and to display content in many new forms."

The Record's mobile journalism program will outfit reporters with laptop computers, phones and cameras, according to the paper's announcement.

What's the public relations benefit to companies?
This blurring of print into broadcast media is a reminder that visual images tell immediate stories. Public relations counselors should constantly be looking at how footage can amplify, clarify or hinder a company's message in good times and in a crisis.

CHC's Mojo Tips
* Ask reporters if they have video capability and communicate the readily available visual aspects.
* Utilize footage shot for other internal and external communications to illustrate soft lifestyle or evergreen news. Example: Utilize call center and picking-packing-shipping footage when pitching stories on the need for part-time workers.
* Outfit your PR Image Library with short illustrative footage of corporate processes and/or products in use. Alert reporters to this new tool.
* When dealing with breaking news, remember that everyone and everything in view can be filmed.
* Train company executives and front-line staff on how juicy comments make great--and many times, unwanted--headlines.
* Always weight the pros and cons of offering stories and visuals to the media in light of any smoldering crises you are monitoring.

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