New York Times #1 Bestseller to be Made into Movie Starring Julia Roberts

Eat Pray Love acclaimed by Oprah

The New York Times #1 Bestseller, Eat Pray Love, has resonated with audiences across the country. During the College Club of Ridgewood, N.J.'s 15th Annual Literary Luncheon held yesterday, author Elizabeth Gilbert announced that the book will be made into a movie with the lead performed by Julia Roberts.

Speaking before 500 women, Gilbert spoke of her year-long journey that resulted in the book as a "quest." She suggested that we "put ourselves forth in the world as a question." That question being the fundamental, "What am I?" and "Who is God?"

Gilbert also asked the audience to consider the role women have led through the ages, "Why does our culture teach us that what we are already isn't good enough?" She replied to wild applause, "I'm carrying perfection just fine already."

Asked during the lengthy question-and-answer period about her appearance on Oprah (10/5/07) and how that has changed her life, Gilbert commented, "Sales have skyrocketed. I have a lot of opportunities now," which she amplified as spending time with her family.

"Something is happening because of this book," she continued. "The excitement and emotion is happening that is not mine. This book is a vehicle. [For example,] you have aspects of the devine in you."

Another questioner asked what is it about this book that caused Oprah to place Gilbert on a pedistal during the interview. "What Oprah was feeling was the raising up of her own self," she said.

The College Club of Ridgewood, founded in 1913, helps enable qualified students to pursue advanced educatio through grants-in-aid and a student loan fund, and to encourage the continued intellectual, social and educational growth of its members.

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