Consumer Purchase Behavior of Political Products

A Mirror of USA's Election Pulse

HUDSON, Ohio, Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- From the heart of battleground state of Ohio where presidential fortunes are made, a thoroughly unscientific poll based upon the purchase of political products shows consumers are leaning toward Obama. National catalogs and e-commerce companies have seen strong consumer purchasing behavior for the Democratic candidate this election season.

"We've seen consumers are shopping 'all the way' for Obama items since day one, and a heightened attention of purchasing "don't forget to vote" flags for front yards," said John Ollmann, VP of merchandising for Signals and Wireless catalogs.

Some top sellers from Wireless (, Signals (, and What on Earth ( are:

The only item where the Republican Party is faring better at Signals ( is the Republican Logo Golf Balls. "We don't know, of course, if consumers are purchasing these items because they support a particular party or want to take a swing at it," said Ollmann.

No matter whom consumers support in the national election, they are proud of their home state. The sterling silver Hometown/State Necklace, available at, is very popular and can be personalized with a black star showing a hometown (based upon zip code provided by the consumer).

"We never know if the items are being purchased as a gift to support a candidate or to poke fun at political choices," said Michael Inskeep, merchandise manager at What on Earth Catalog. "What is important is for Americans to not lose their sense of humor and encourage each other to vote."

Oddly enough, the strongest selling novelty merchandise items are the Bill Clinton Corkscrew and the Hillary Clinton Nutcracker. "These items seem to ignite high spirited laughs across party lines," said Inskeep.

As the current president's term ends, consumers may want to obtain the collectible George Bush Toilet Brush or George the Lame Duck, a squeaky, silly treat for pooches.

With the high level of hyperbole during the election season, consumers may want to turn off the television and open a book. Three titles in particular offer some election season humor, available at Bas Bleu (

Wireless ( is a general online store for the curious mind. Signals ( offer gifts that inform, enlighten and entertain. What on Earth Catalog ( offers a collection of fun wear and delightful diversions. Bas Bleu ( is a friendly bookstore that provides personal recommendations in your mailbox.

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