Are You Really Ready to Be Discovered?

You have a product, idea, Web site, and a great story. You have public relations pros on your team. Your new media relations campaign is about to launch into high gear. You get a big placement--The Today show, Nightly News, New York Times, USA Today, or the Associated Press. Then...

Is your web site ready? Do you have enough bandwidth to go from a trickle of inquiries to a fire hose of response all at once?

Case Study: The Today Show (1/11/2008) airs a short piece on that allows people to loan money and help fund businesses that need small amounts of capital. These funds can make a difference to the business own and their family, many times in far away lands.

While the story was airing was over-whelmed with response.

There was so much interest that the site crashed. But the organization anticipated this and had a page appear explaining the problem to visitors and provided visitors the opportunity to provide an email address so once fixed, could get back in touch with all who were interested.

Not everyone will have this problem, but as you plan to go public with your business announcements, keep this lesson in mind. 

You get one chance at a first impression. Impress the heck out of your prospects by thinking through what needs to be done before you announce.

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