Remarks by Postmaster General Donahoe @ NEMOA conference

Preserve USPS's Mission Without Tax Bailouts

NEMOA, the National Etailing and Mailing Organization of American, and the American Catalog Mailers Association, provided a recap of the PMG's comments as well as questions posed by catalog executives in attendence.

Among PMG Donahoe's comments included:

"USPS reform can't be done piecemeal; if it is, the USPS won't be too far behind being in the same boat as Greece. We're broke."

"Acting on the financial challenges now, and thoroughly, is critical."

"This $20 Billion (budget cuts) is causing substantial consternation."

"Approach this very orderly and to not be disruptive to your (catalog mailers') service."

The bottomline to catalog mailers is this: "Preserve USPS's mission, without tax bailouts, transform USPS though equitable sharing of restructuring costs."

For a complete report of PMG Donahoe's comments and answers to catalog mailers questions, contact Lisa Hahn at

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