Johnson Smith Company - "The Art of Having Fun"

Consumer Awareness Building Campaign for Johnson Smith Company

johnson smith company with mike hegedus, cnbc, and lisa caugherty-hahn
The Art of Having Fun has been the campaign theme for Johnson Smith Company’s ( image building effort for three years. Drawing attention to this 94-year-old company—the home of the Whoopee Cushion—has attracted the attention of FM radio stations, bloggers, TV news programs, and newspaper editors nationwide.

Targeting holidays such as April Fool’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, the national election, and Christmas, The Lighter Side ( and Things You Never Knew Existed ( has raised awareness and repeat product attention among the targeted media.

For example, Classic Gags from Johnson Smith were the target of WINS-All News Radio in New York City, stories syndicated by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and The Record newspapers, and prime interview fodder for a number of Clear Channel Radio stations across the country. Halloween Décor with Brains was promoted on radio hosts and newspapers to feature the hottest voice- and motion-activated props. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno frequently select products from Johnson Smith Company, and CNBC has highlighted the business.

johnson smith company with mike hegedus, cnbc, and lisa caugherty-hahn Having fun in the midst of election year fervor is another powerful tool. Political Bears were a creative prize in a Washington, D.C. beltway newspaper’s editorial letter-writing contest. The winner of the best letter in support of the republican and democratic candidates received their respective candidate’s bear.

Radio has been an effective vehicle for Johnson Smith to communicate with their core audience. CHC conducts interviews with product giveaways on a variety of stations across the country. We also utilizes blogs posted by the company to spark news coverage, as well as track the company’s fun and unusual products that are highlighted by bloggers in their postings.

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