CHC Cooked Up A Storm with Professional Cutlery Direct

Cutlery Direct square spoons article
CHC's image-building and product-promotional campaign for Professional Cutlery Direct (PCD),, achieved impressive results.

Interest among media regarding PCD’s innovative products, such as the Gilles de la Fleur knife, or the 10-inch Offset Bread knife, was exceptional. Within days of announcing the company's “Square Spoons,” dozens of newspapers were asking for images and product samples.

Due to a combination of superior product and diligent media relations activities, PCD was featured by prominent media, including USA Today, USA Today International, the Associated Press, Family Circle, Cuisine, Country Decorator, Detroit News, and Gannett News Service.

CHC also worked with PCD to secure a feature on CNN/fn's “Entrepreneurs Only.” In addition to product publicity, CHC crafted and launched a multi-phased Knife Safety campaign to educate consumers, highlighting PCD’s product knowledge and fostering customer loyalty.

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