Abacus Turns to CHC Pre-IPO

Image Building Campaign

Abacus, a powerhouse direct marketing partner company, planned to bring the company public. Management understood that the business media didn’t understand or cover direct marketing businesses. How to gain their attention? Though the direct marketing trades which The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times reporters were reading.

Abacus, with the assistance of Caugherty Hahn Communications, Inc., blanketed the trades with news announcements on product developments, new clients, new employees, and research findings highlighting consumer trends and business issues.

CHC also edited the Abacus member information kit, edited and provided content to the Abacus’ newsletter, wrote and distributed Consumer Catalog Buying Trend Analysis reports, corporate press releases, and promoted the Abacus Alliance Strategic Marketing Summit, which offered member companies to exchange information and case studies on how they utilize Abacus products and services.

Wall Street certainly took notice and the initial public offering was a success.

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